You made me feel worthless.

You tore me up inside.

It really wasnt worth the hurt.

I guess I shouldnt have even tried.

You were everything good in my life, and now your gone for good.

Your words cut me like a knife.

I am so glad you quit me though because you never wouldv’e understood.

We werent meant to be, it didnt happen because it wasnt supposed to.

I am so sorry you werent man enough to keep a woman like me.

Even though you were everthing i deserved, but its to late now because your gone for good.


You were my everything, my everyday.

You took that away when you left me.

Now that piece inside of me is just not the same.

What we had is now gone, pushed into a dark abyss.

What happened to my happiness?

All thats left is pain.

I can not fathom what is lost, all i can do is hope.

I feel like you just left me all alone.

What can i do or say?

I hope one day you change your mind and come home to stay.

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes.

Even though you promised me… I knew it was a lie.