who the fuck decided that African Americans should be treated badly just because of their skin color or the way they speak? or any other ethnicity for that matter.  it is fucking ridiculous that any one is allowed to say anything to them because of something that they have no control over.  why can’t they just be happy?  leave them alone!  and who decided that being a homosexual was a bad thing? just because “god” says so?  the Bible also says that god will forgive you even if you’ve sinned.  so what’s the big fucking deal? if a man loves another man,  whoopty-fucking doo. get the fuck over your self.  I’m personally bisexual, I like men and women.  homophobic idiots freak out when I say I’m sexually attracted to women.  what they dont realize is…  I don’t want to rip the clothes off of Every woman I see.  I have a type.  just like they do.  I don’t know why I like girls I just do.  people need to learn how to get over themselves in order to see the big picture here.  in the end you always have to rely on other people in life whether their short,  fat,  black,  white, purple,  yellow, gay, or straight. it doesn’t fucking matter. ugh.