Just when I think I am done.

I realized something… it seems like every time I turn around, there is a mess of something somewhere in my house. Quite a few times in my life I have started cleaning at 10 am and finish around 3 pm. Well, at least I thought I was finished. But then it starts with “mommy I spilled my milk” or, “mommy I dumped an entire bucket of cars on the floor.” Here mommy, let me shred and smear, my peanut butter sand which all over the tv screen! I will have every load of laundry done or one more to go and my son with start having accidents back to back. When I say accidents I mean hes really just uninterested in going to the restroom. I think he knows when I am ready to sit back and relax. Thats probably why he does it, hes just trying to get under my skin.  

I live with my mom and three siblings. Two of my siblings are younger; 8 and 9 years old. I babysit them for my mom, when she works. The number one thing they do, is make messes! They pick things up and when they are done playing with it they will deliberately throw it onto the floor. The next thing I know, Im getting ready to put all of my sons dirty clothes into the dryer and guess what happens next? There they are, throwing more laundry into the laundry baskets! Its like a never ending battle around here. Next comes the: “Can I have a snack?” thing. OH MY GOSH, its like they have not eaten all day. My brother gets bologna sand whichs after school, quite often. When he does, it goes like this.

    1. Gets bread out.
    2. Gets bologna out.
    3. Puts one piece of bologna in between two pieces of bread.
    4. SMASHES it all together.
    5. Rips off crust. 
    6. Walks into the living room.

    What is wrong with that picture, you say? He left out the bread and the bologna, five pieces of bread are spread on the kitchen table and one is on the floor. There are bread crumbs and 50 pieces of his crust all over the place.  

    Honestly, I have no clue why my job is never done. I guess that is just part of being a mom.

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